​​​​Contact Us

Depending upon the nature of your inquiry, please use one of the following methods provided below to contact OLES.

Topic Contact Information
​General Inquiries ​Call or email us at the following:

Phone Number: 916-654-2867

Email: oles@chhs.ca.gov

Complaint that falls under OLES’ purview

Our jurisdiction does not include:
• Private hospitals
• Local law enforcement
• Local or county jails
• The court system
• State agencies
• Federal entities
​Call the OLES hotline phone number at 916-538-7370 or submit a complaint using the online OLES Complaint Form.
Complaint regarding a state employee who does not work for the Department of State Hospitals (DSH) or Department of Developmental Services (DDS) or involving a state agency other than DSH or DDS Contact the CA State Auditor at the website: www.auditor.ca.gov/hotline or call (800) 952-5665.